COVID 19 Re-Opening


Your health and safety is our first priority. We have been working closely with the Eastern Ontario Health Unit in order to ensure that we can all return to play safely.

Please note that the walking track is currently open only Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10:00am until 12:30pm, and proof of vaccination along with COVID screening is required for all who enter.



PLEASE refer to your association or permit holder for vaccine verification procedures.
ALL spectators, walkers and public skaters over 12 are required to show proof of vaccination. This means showing up with your vaccine receipts and a piece of ID that has both your name and date of birth. For information on how to download your vaccine receipts click the button below.
NEW: ALL Participants/Players 12 and over are also required to show proof of vaccination as of DECEMBER 20, 2021, as per Provincial mandate.
For further information on Ontario's proof of vaccination mandate, please click the button below.

Find my vaccine receipt

Anyone wishing to enter the arena must fill out a COVID-19 screening questionnaire. Anyone who does not pass the screen is NOT PERMITTED to enter the arena. Associations and contract holders are responsible for ensuring that all participants are screened prior to attending. Click below to access questionnaire:

online COVID Screening ADULT CLICK HEREonline COVID Screening cHILD/YOUTH CLICK HEREprintable pdf covid screening CLICK HERE

Anyone entering the arena is required to wear a mask at all times, including those using the walking track. The only exception is when participants put on their helmets and are proceeding to the ice surface.


Everyone is asked to maintain a safe physical distance of 2 metres, and respect all maximum capacity measures.


Clients may only access the building/change rooms FIFTEEN (15) to thirty (30) minutes prior to going on the ice. There is to be NO loitering in the lobby. We recommend that all participants come to the arena fully dressed as much as possible. Dressing rooms must be vacated FIFTEEN (15) minutes after the activity finishes and everyone is to leave the building immediately. Parents are to wait outside for their children.

participant protocols

We ask that all who wish to access the arena review the CIHA re-opening plan and full protocols for more details on everyone's responsibilities in helping keep everyone safe. (See below)

All who enter the arena must wear a mask AT ALL TIMES inside the arenaThis includes those using the walking track.  The only time a PARTICIPANT can remove their mask is when they leave their dressing room, with helmets/mask/visor on to go on to the ice.


For everyone’s safety, any participant/guardian who is feeling unwell should not attend an activity, and should not enter the facility.

In addition to the new mandate of providing proof of vaccination:

  • Associations/contract holders are asked to keep an attendance record for each activity to help with contact tracing should there be an outbreak (1 or more cases).
  • Associations/contract holders are responsible for ensuring all participants/coaches/volunteers/spectators are screened BEFORE entry to the building.  The screening form is available on this website.
  • Doing the screening online ahead of time will greatly expedite the entry process.  Those entering who have NOT pre-screened are asked to self screen before entering the building (using the screening tool provided above). 
  • EVERYONE entering the arena must fill out the log located at the entrance, unless they are already included in the organization's log for that day.
  • If an individual has ANY of the listed COVID symptoms and/or does not pass the screening, they are not to enter the building and must follow public health directives.
  • Physical distancing must be maintained at all times.
  • PUBLIC SKATING participants must follow ALL of the aforementioned steps when entering the building (self screen, sign log, social distancing and masks at ALL times, except on the ice).

Any participant who becomes ill or exhibits possible COVID-19 symptoms during the activity, must:

  • Stop the activity
  • Notify the group leader
  • Leave the ice surface
  • Wear a mask until they are able to leave the facility (which should be as soon as possible)
  • Not use public transit, etc.
  • Self-isolate, self-monitor for worsening symptoms, seek medical attention as required and visit a COVID-19 Assessment Centre to be tested.
  • The group leader must report any positive tests to the arena management by email at


  • Change rooms will be assigned with a limited capacity per room.  It is recommended that participants arrive ready to play as much as possible, showers remain closed and no access will be permitted. Participants will have access to the building/dressing room 15 to 30 minutes prior to their booking. Do not enter the arena more than 30 minutes prior to your ice time, there is to be NO loitering or waiting in the lobby or any other area in the arena.
  • Group leaders are responsible to inform all participants of the new measures in place.


  • DO NOT spit
  • DO NOT blow your nose without a tissue or paper towel
  • DO NOT remove any equipment – full equipment (including player gloves) must be worn at all times.
  • DO NOT touch any equipment (ex. Cones) unless instructed to do so by a coach/instructor
  • DO label water bottles clearly with the participant’s name, and leave the water bottle in the designated area.
  • Associations/contract holders are responsible for having their own first kit on hand


At the end of a session, the group leader will indicate the completion of the session to all participants. Participants should then:

  • STOP and maintain their distance from others.
  • Follow the direction of group leaders on how to exit the playing surface.
  • While maintaining physical distance, return to the dressing room to collect personal belongings
  • Vacate dressing rooms/building within 15 minutes of the end of the activity and leave the building immediately.  NO LOITERING in any part of the building is allowed.
  • Participants must wear a mask after their ice session, in the dressing room, and while exiting the building.
  • Parents are to wait outside for their children to exit. It is the activity leader’s responsibility to ensure that all minors exit the building quickly and safely.

reduced amenities

Here's what you need to know about the changes we have made to help ensure everyone's health and safety

Water fountains will not be accessible. Participants should bring their own clearly labelled water bottles, which may be filled at the taps in the dressing rooms.

The canteen will be open for major events, regular hours are still to be determined.

Dressing rooms will have a maximum capacity and showers will only be available at 50%.

The pro shop will be available for skate sharpening on advance notice requests, and may open with reduced hours.